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    i thought that the problem was that i need to change to the long ranges in the wepaons weal right? but how to do that?because i now found the horse with the rifle on it so where shall i stand when take the real close to the horse or is that not neseray?
  2. hi there guys im new to red dead redemtion and im stuck on a third story mision. The one where you have to rid up with the gang and take the rifle from the horse how to do it? i tihnk this is the mison before the train robery mison and it game says im about 1 procnet thru it. so hope u know how to take the fiel from the horse and can help me out here. im playing on ps4 pro. and this is me playing this mision so u can see it on my yotube channel too link is attached to this post below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKI2dwxlWrY
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