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  1. Does anyone know where the patch notes are kept? A Link would be great, thanks for the intel! ~Happy New Year and MERRY CHRISTMAS!~
  2. What a productive quality comment to add to the discussion. I bet you win every debate you've ever been in.
  3. The game is in a weird place. Auto aim makes pvp a joke - but free aim would be quite awkward given how wonky the controls and sensitivity can be. It wasn't meant to be an fps style game.
  4. I also think people are throwing around the word grief too often. Me and a buddy interrupted a posse of 4 doing a stranger mission and completed it instead of them all while killing them 10+ times...is that griefing? We stopped killing them once we completed 'the mission.'
  5. You know, you're right. Let's blame dunning kruger??? Since this topic has been posted multiple people have tried to just run right at me while I was minding my own business and I was 'forced' to put them down. I have found that if you make yourself a hard target to 'grief', then most everybody finds somebody else - depending on the individual of course. You are also so correct about that whole 'giving benefit of the doubt'. I tried that once, he actually drew on me - if I didn't have the hat perk I would have died. Don't trust anyone. Except Arthur morgan.
  6. This could be true, but I have begun to just leave the chat channel or mute people because for some reason people play with their sound on so high it bleeds into their microphones - and/or people are just plain LOUD. Maybe have a white flag on your horse? LOL, that could be interesting.
  7. It's not that there isn't a reason...they shouldn't be making a dash towards me while i'm nowhere near a road - so I preemptively defend myself by killing them. I've had many try, but it's the nature of these types of games to be 'paranoid.' Although I don't see it as paranoia - more like extreme defense. LOL. I have had many try to get 'revenge' by running at me again even though I've relocated but I end up just killing them again - and again if need be. They are usually much worse at the game, which is why they try to cap defenseless hunters and/or fishermen in the first place.
  8. Just to give more credence to my examples - I was hunting off the road in new Austin - somebody rode crazy fast right to my position - no gun out. But, then he quickly pulled out a shotgun and tried to kill my horse - I gunned him down. This is the reason why you never trust anyone that runs at you whilst hunting. Just put them down and move on!
  9. If i'm off the road hunting and someone rides towards me - they die. Their intentions are never good - like I said - I've never been griefed and for good reason. The second you give someone the benefit of the doubt - you'll regret it. Nobody just rides their horse at full speed towards somebody that's off the road just to say hello.
  10. -Load up in a zone you don't plan on farming in, then travel to the area of your choice -Always play defensively = check map, shoot first then relocate, etc - (Do not assume people are friendly at first, assume the opposite) BIGGEST TIP = Get the ability 'never without one' - it requires you to be level 48 (I know) but this gives you a free headshot to retaliate before it is too late, if you are on your horse you can quickly equip another hat -If you are a fisher, use the companion app to bring up your map to see if you are being rushed. -BUY horse insurance. -Avoid major hotspots when farming ( blackwater, saint denis, valentine = depending on the population of server) -Ride to a farther butcher if needed, just hunt along the way. I personally have never been griefed, but these little tips have helped me out. I also shoot everyone that rides directly at me first - but I don't pursue them afterwards. Think about it, even the npcs get angry if you ride to close.... Good luck out there - hope any of these small tips helped.
  11. -Located in US -Looking for more members for stranger missions, hunting trips, etc No level requirement must be 18+ Message PSN = Sykout25 We usually play evenings LOOKING FOR 2 CORE MEMBERS!!!! Hit me up
  12. Ever try to hit a flying bird at 200 yds with a shotgun? There's a reason your feet were invented. Get closer!!!
  13. This would be the absolute incorrect way to nerf this rifle. It's reticle shrink should not be as fast and should be changed so that it isn't used in pvp as much. Or make a pvp headshot take two shots. These are much better options rather than nerfing it's range.
  14. Me and my friend cannot do a single stranger mission and most if not all of the gang hideouts glitch where the dots of enemies aren't on the minimap and we cannot complete it. So for the only content in free roam, to have them all be broken is extremely stupid on Rockstar's behalf in my opinion.
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