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  1. Having issues with getting the Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye ticked off in the total compilation section. All three of them are level 8 out of 8, yet its still not ticked. I was wondering if it had anything to do with earning the bonus by getting special equipment? If so could someone tell me what equipment that is, thanks in advance.
  2. The lures don't wear out the only way you'll need to buy a new one is if you cut the line or while the fish is hooked you lose it.
  3. The special lures have a higher chance of catching legendary fish. I believe I read its 20 percent higher chance..
  4. I truly appreciate the effort to help i have tried all these things hahaha. I've contacted rockstar to see what they say.
  5. That's what I thought too, but I've been there for literal hours and when I use the dead eye thing to see the fish it's only showing the sturgeon. Once I catch those there's nothing left other than small fish. I've tried sleeping and passing on multiple days nothing seems to be working.
  6. Yes I have caught the fish once before and mailed it to the guy from the post office, yet it hasn't crossed it off my map or counted towards the total number of legendary fish caught.
  7. I'm working towards 100% in the game and eventually a platinum trophy. I've caught all the legendary fish, however when I caught the one at Lagras Swamp I then sent it from the post office. Once I'd caught the rest it told me I hadn't collected that fish. Tried to re-catch for about an hour now.. Just wondering if it's actually possible to catch a legendary fish twice? Any help is appreciated
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