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  1. My gammertag is Jmuir06 (Brother made this it's the only one with Xbox gold ;-;)(Made it my name to avoid confusion)
  2. Just to clear confusion I was adding up all of my bounties, didn't have it in one place i lemoyne is just the last place I got one
  3. I know everyone gets a bounty here or there but, whats the most bounty you've ever gotten and what'd you do to get it. (Mine was $1650) (Lemoyne)
  4. I'm confused is this for PS4 only because I'm on xbox someone please explain.
  5. By far Xbox-1 people may say the controllers are fat and bulky personally I think Ps4 controllers as too skinny and the thumb sticks don't feel natural maybe that's just because im not used to it. As well xbox has the better graphics and a better older community, just ignore the fortnite 12 year olds.
  6. Now waiting for online mode.

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