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  1. Would actually like this...start a small farm and invest in that and work your way up to owning a cattle ranch. Hire workers, guards, invest in animals and catching wild animals, steal your competitors price cow, customize your house/farm... would be great
  2. I love free roam and would like to continue with this online, so would appreciate to keep doing things as solo and occasionally co-op games. Still on chapter 3 in story mode as I'm struggling on keeping away from free roaming and actually doing the story... I'm just thinking out loud here... * New trappers that will make even more items so that I can continue to hunt * I actually love the treasure hunts as it takes you across the entire map and you are looking at the nature for details when on the hunt for gold rather than just moving from a to b. I would like to continue with treasure hunts online. Would be nice to be able to hide money, gold, jewelry or just some poor snake skins and make treasure maps for others to find. * Keep having stranger encounters that will need you to recruit other online players nearby in mini games or similar to raise or lower honor. * Would like to have a companion (NPC). Could be a dog, perhaps a wolf or even an indian friend that would assist in fights or mainly to help you hunt. Different perks for different companions etc... * If you have low honor it would open up for certain areas, towns, games to take part in where no high honor fellas are welcome and vice versa. * Together with other online players helps settlers (NPC) to build up a town with contributions to their treasure box (or rob it instead). Depending on other online players to visit and spend money for the town to survive and thrive (and be raided) or for it to slowly degenerates and become a ghost town. Sort of expanding the idea of investing in your camp as we do in story mode...
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