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  1. Went back on it today and no luck. The colour flashes are still consistent. Swapped the HDMI wire and the port in the television, still no luck. what confuses me the most is I played this game “entirety of chapter one” on my parents TV. But when it comes to mine I get the coloured blips. Only on my Xbox and only on Rdr2 rather than my other games. i’ve narrowed it down to a potential 3 problems faulty Xbox HDMI port Television Port faulty faulty RDR2 disc im going to take my xbox back tomorrow along with my TV and hopefully it’s sorted.
  2. As strange as it may sound I turned it back on last night and it was backgo normsl. 🤞🏻 I’ll keep a close eye on it.
  3. Hi everyone! So I’ve recentlh bought a new 4K tv a Toshiba 50” smart tv to be precise (https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/toshiba-50u6863db-50-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-10181993-pdt.html?istCompanyId=bec25c7e-cbcd-460d-81d5-a25372d2e3d7&istItemId=-ximptwpmlp&istBid=tztx&srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~0000%20(PLA)%20All%20Products~All%20Products~Exact&mctag=gg_goog_7904&kwid=GOOGLE&device=m&ds_kids=92700017216236313&tgtid=0000%20(PLA)%20All%20Products&&gclid=CjwKCAiA8rnfBRB3EiwAhrhBGhj89cqz6EYzdmxedxSy3-5I6GRHV22Q5JrdlxeJ2CooqLjm-wNi5xoC_EgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) I played Fifa on the PS4 and it was fine, I played forza on my xbox one X and it’s fine. However, when I put rdr2 on as I’m walking about on the game or on horseback the game goes purple or sometimes green?(I’ve attached a photo) Only for a few seconds then heads back to normal. Is there anything I can do? Or is my Xbox screwed. (I’ve only just bought the Xbox in October) any help eould be seriously appreciated thank you
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