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  1. Not sure if people have used this escape point or not but it is very easy to do and is still working in the latest version: All you need is to cross the river northeast of manteca falls and use a few bottles of rum to get further up the hill than you normally should be... From there you have a fantastic view and quite a picturesque area to explore. If you want to get to guarma, Mexico, or the south side of the lanaheche river, this is the easiest way to do it! You can't take your horse so you'll want to use a horse spawning cheat code to really explore.
  2. Another RDR2 update installed tonight. I then tried the following map escape technique that I haven't tried before and can confirm that it does still work in the very latest patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0Hnc6e1Rh8 Unfortunately this is a "get drunk at the edge of the map" exploit much the same as the two cave exploits, which means you can't take your own horse with you. You can of course spawn a race horse using a cheat code and use that to explore outside the map, so better than nothing!
  3. Although I haven't done a complete 360 degree circumnavigation of the map borders in one session, I have made it into Mexico from the northerly escape point going via both the westerly route and the easterly route where you cross the river upstream of Annesburg. Of the two the easterly route while long is by far my favourite as the westerly route into Mexico gets very confusing as you end up in a sea of low resolution un-textured hills at one point where you can totally lose your bearings. Sadly Rockstar have patched this escape method in one of the recent patches by removing the camping
  4. Made it all the way to the land to the east of Van Horn Trading post on my first attempt then was killed by a cougar. Damn!
  5. Someone has found a new technique for getting outside the map which is superior to getting drunk in a cave. This method doesn't require getting drunk and it's possible to take your regular horse with you, which is the first method I've seen which will do this. Basically you camp at a specific location near barrow lagoon - this causes you to set up camp in a normally inaccessible area , from there you can ride your horse over the mountains to Tempest Rim, (also normally inaccessible) and from there simply ride north out of the map boundaries on your own horse which means you have all weapo
  6. There's a lot of talk online about how to get to Mexico using various glitches but I haven't seen much about exploring outside the western/northern/eastern boundaries of the game until I came across this youtube video showing an easy way to get out of the map that still works in 1.05: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaVezKuc1jI I've been exploring outside the boundary of the map to the west, north and east for a while now and I'm absolutely STAGGERED at how much map there is outside the normal boundary of the map. I have not seen this much out of boundary map in any other game.
  7. Van Horn is brutal. There doesn't seem to be any police force there - the locals just take things into their own hands instead of reporting you and are itching to pull a gun. Similar to you, I bumped into someone in the bar, got into a fist fight, then everyone in the town got out their guns to go after me. I hid behind a stack of boxes near the south entrance to the town mowing everyone down until everyone in the town was dead, no bounty, nobody running away to report me. If you wait a couple of minutes more angry mob will spawn at the other end of town and come after you again. You can
  8. Yep, I noticed the same thing. Upgraded to the best stirrups but when I check the horse stats on the stats page later the stats afforded by the stirrups are incorrect.
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