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  1. Hey YellowDragon, thanks for the welcome! I haven’t been banned, just find it annoying at times. Some dude asked a question the other day and got downvoted to hell lmao. I’m mainly going to be posting stuff when Red Dead Online drops, but for now I have legendary fishing videos, campfire songs, and some other silly stuff. The channel’s growing pretty fast, to my surprise. But I’m not here to self promote or anything lol. I just can’t wait until we can all play online.
  2. Hey guys, just coming here because I wanted to be a part of a forum strictly for RDR2 players (that isn’t Reddit lol). 24 year old RDR1 veteran, I’m on the PS4, and recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to RDR. Hope to get to know and game with some of y’all! 😎
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