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  1. Ew... that's a real slaughter. I assume it is several posses together, since you have more than seven players? No other posses with group photos?
  2. Hey all! Figured we could do with a post for pictures of posses? It's always fun to pose with the gang and look cool! This is some of our posse, the Black Hats. Our camp was in the swamp, and one morning, before setting off, we took a photo! How about everyone else? Posse photos to share?
  3. Thats me on the horse, and three buddies I play with.
  4. So here is our posse, as of now... But I've got a BUNCH of buddies who want in. So I wanted to ask... a big posse, the max is seven members, right? If I am a posse leader of a persistent posse, can someone ELSE start a temp posse, and then I and other members can join them WITHOUT "destroying" our posse? We are nervous, because we have maybe 10 or 12 dudes who want to play, and it won't always be the seven guys in my large posse. Anyone have any knowledge they could share about the large posses, and if you can be in one and also join other, temporary posses? Thanks!
  5. Hey all, So I am the leader of our posse, but other guys want to give me money so we can buy the "large" posse (we have about ten guys who play together.) Is there a way for players to give money to the posse, like you give money in SP to the camp?
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