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  1. I feel ya on those late response. You're right I have tried to fully restart the xbox like that. I've been trying since Tuesday and that last error code (99360000) only started popping up today so I feel like you're right about new issues arising when they open it up to more people. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  2. Hey everyone. I haven't even been able to access RDO and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for solutions. Rockstar support rarely responds to me and when they do it's with the same automated email that doesn't solve anything. When attempting to access the Red Dead Online beta I am unable to and I always receive a few alerts. The first states that I am unable to connect to Rockstar game services at this time (Error: 0x10001022), the second states that I have been disconnected because my connection to Rockstar game services was lost and appears as one or two different codes (Error: 0x30005001) or (Error: 0x99360000). I own the ultimate edition of Red Dead and I’ve been trying every solution to solve this. I have fully restarted the game and the Xbox console while clearing my cache. I have tried to use multiple networks and I have tried using an Ethernet cable. I have also tried manually adjusting my NAT settings to open and adjusting my DNS setting as suggested by some forums. I live in a dorm so I do not have access to the router. If you guys have any idea what might be going on I would really appreciate any help you might be able to offer. Thanks, Charles
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