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  1. OK, I tried skinning a deer again. and Arthur cuts his stomach, but then instead of "peeling" the skin off the deer, it just automatically turns into a pelt rolled up and he is holding it on his side. Can anyone confirm when they skin a deer that he still peels the skin off ? Or does he just cut from the neck down through his stomach, and then it turns into a pelp on his side ?
  2. I'm glad to hear that. I am going to play again this afternoon, hopefully everything is fine.
  3. I was in single player mode, tried it about 5 times. same thing every time. I have not played online yet. .
  4. Ever since the update installed, when I go to skin an animal, it no longer shows the animation ? He just instantly has the Pelt on his side. Also, if you shoot an animal, and it doesn't die, and you go to kill it, instead of knifing it, it just dies with no animation . Is there a way to turn it back on ?
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