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  1. Hey all. Well I don't feel so bad now. I am old as dirt also and a vet and disabled. Looking for new friends for morning play. My GT is ChopSaw55 east coast time. Also anti greifer.
  2. 56 here. A toast to all the old gamers. XB1. EST
  3. I have an American Standardbred name Krackers, Hungarian half-breed black and white one named Oreo. My character name is Rooster. I usually name all my game characters and pets the first thing that pops into my mind when I see them.
  4. Old worn leather player here. I'm a easy going laid back type. I'm not the type to shoot with out a good reason. Played through the story with a 92% completion. XB1 east coast USA gamertag ChopSaw55. Need some good conversation with some new friends while playing.
  5. If your 18 to 60 Guy or Gal mature minded looking for Friends for casual game play, story missions for leveling some Pvp, hunting , fishing or just roaming around and helping out . We don't fire first but we don't run either. Leave your game tag I'll friend and envite you or frend me. My game tag is ChopSaw55. Please have mike.
  6. Looking for a few good mature minded friendly folk. 18 to 60 guys or gals just looking for good casual game time. Hunting, Story Missions, Some PvP if interested. XBox One. East Coast Time (EST) Morning Play Time or evening. Yes I'm retired. LOL.
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