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  1. http://www.jeuxvideo.com/preview/925552/red-dead-redemption-2-et-pour-quelques-pixels-de-plus.htm In addition to the many clothes (hats, shirts, jackets, pants, boots), we can change the face of Arthur by changing his haircut or changing the hair of his face, the beard of the character pushing naturally.
  2. if Charles is a superior Hand 2 Hand fighter than Arthur A relatively recent recruit to the gang, Charles is quiet and reserved but extremely competent in everything he does and virtually unbeatable in a fight. A decent, honest man who also happens to be deadly. Dutch's most dependable and capable enforcer since he was a boy, the outlaw life is all Arthur has ever known. Sharp, cool-headed, and ruthless, but with his own sense of honor. A man who gets the job done. so how is it possible that Arthur is a better enforcer than Charles, if Charles is a better h2h fighter than Arthur?
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