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  1. yes it is directly tied to the ufo's. i dont remember where exactly u need to go but when get to spot that the map appears to drawn from at a certain time( i think like 2am) u will see multible ufo's coming down from the sky and what looks like scanning for some thing. there is a utube vid on it
  2. yea they been real helpful avoiding me
  3. nice avatar, one of my favorite actors
  4. same here, after atari that is except i didnt go past xbox with micro soft, but og's like us know to explore every option first when we have an issue,i am how ever new to asking on forums because i didn't need to before, always been able to solve my issues before now, well that and im a but hole,just ask my wife lol 😛
  5. i did notice this after the update for the online release,just got an update dl so maybe it will help
  6. just to be clear, im not some young kid or a noob, im 38 and been gaming since atari, i know what im doing and i know what to look for
  7. but it sounds like i am the only one with this problem so ill just deal with it
  8. i have 2 controllers and they do just fine with every other game i have, only with rockstar games do i have this issue
  9. i have PS but can u auto aim on a snake on water
  10. nope, happens on story and online and i can be in a wide open feild
  11. nice pic, one of my favorite actors
  12. i noticed my auto aim not working half the time, i tried switching the config to every setting with no change, thought it was just me untill one of friends was over and i handed them the controller,they confimed what i thought. any one else having this issue
  13. no this is not a in town only thing. i have seen players riding out in the middle of nowhere ghosted, i dont know how its done but i can only guess that it is some kind of glitch/hack/exploit
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