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  1. its not hard to avoid a griefer, just parley after they kill you the 3rd time. OR go to pause menu > online > select new area (which puts you in anew server anyways).
  2. does anybody have a source for these videos that show this 'bug'? 9 times out of 10 the player has looked up the wrong saddle when coming back with their gold. and shame on you for supporting this industry in continuing to monetize their games.
  3. true - you have 7 active members at one time, you can have a 'squad' of players, or players banked who remain in your posse 'list' but only 7 can be active at one time in the same posse
  4. update, ive just been playing with some card set ups. slippery bastard - enemies cant lock on to you (you also cant lock onto them of single purpose - take less damage with melee weapon equipped slow and steady - when dead eye is active you take less damage and head shots cant kill with this set up - just for fun, if i see an enemy i can charge at them, pop deadeye and melee them to death and they cant kill me, they mostly miss because they cant lock on and when they do im tanking damage with the slow and steady ability card, impossible to kill like that for a few seconds while dead eye is active. its not a sustainable way to play but its fun as hell, i was melee wiping a 4 man posse who tried to grief me fishing last night they got bored and called me a hacker
  5. You definitely need to be using it, it does feel underwhelming compared to the single player's version of it, but there types of ability cards that augment your dead eye. For example one ability allows your friends to deal more damage while your dead eye is active, some allow you to absorb a headshot without dying - so, it is very useful but not in quite the same way as single player. I found that the 'paint it black' ability in online is good for long range fire fights where your lock doesnt reach your target, if you pop dead eye you can 'tag' your enemy and hit them from greater ranges - id say if you're not using dead eye, your missing out
  6. as others have said 4 and 7 You can create a free posse or buy a permanent one. when you are new you wont have the $200 to form a persistent posse. Either way these posse's are locked at 4 members, it is possible to increase your posse to 7 but you need 2 things... 1. you need to BUY a persistent posse (which also allows you to name it 2. Upgrade to large camp (press left on D pad and select camp settings)
  7. I would honestly say no. Butt hey do exist, remember after they kill you 3 times you can press X on xbox (not sure of ps4 controls) and you can parley which makes you safe from that player for 10 minutes - before it wares off, they will get bored of waiting and move on, remember the map is big and we move slow on horses so unless somebody REALLY has it in for you, its not likely they are going to chase you around the map. I'm a big advocate of this game not HAVING a passie PVE mode for the snowflakes - this game is made better by the ever present tension in the game.
  8. I'm really not sure if this game is right for you! You seem like a super passive guy - remember this is the wold west. Now i've been playing alot, currently rank 48. and i honestly can tell you that i haven't been griefed all that often, sure you will get a tryhard who will try. I have not ever seen the issue you are facing with the automatic bounty when entering a server. NOW, in a posse, if your friends commit a crime you will not receive a bounty UNLESS you are currently doing a mission. In addition, as for somebody killing you in a camp - this is totally possible, normally you are immune in a camp but i do believe you can be lasso'd out and then killed, the only other exception to this is if a player accepts a contract mission to kill another player and YOU are selected at random as a target, then and only THEN can you be attacked in tour camp.
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