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  1. I don't like that idea because they are basically robbing you which in a strange way should be encouraged and discouraged. encouraged because you were a good target and they can take your stuff, discouraged because it may not matter because they get a bounty worth more then the loot. you want to design the game where being a jerk has its penalties but you can also be a bandit if you choose that style of play. I'd imagine someone camping the butcher would be in town, near lawmen. A bounty system would fix the problem. a bounty system needs to be implemented that follows characters through server changes. for example: you kill a player with a npc or player witness. you get reported. you now have a permanent bounty on your character for 25.00 - 50.00 dollars. increasing per NPC/player you kill that gets reported or seen by lawmen. Honorable players can accept bounties and hunt down the player. the player being hunted now have a leaving server timer to prevent killing and disconnecting leaving them open for sweet justice. a few things happened: we've cut down on RDM and griefing, added a new bounty hunter feature, but still made people carrying valuables a reasonable target for outlaws. otherwise the unintended consequence of your suggestion is everyone kills a 3 star buck just for murder protection and that just feels weird. you should be a target if you have valuables on you. that's the wild west
  2. I'm wondering if anyone agrees with my brother and I's thoughts on whether dying needs a harsher "penalty" here's what we came up with: When you die, you spawn back in your camp. 1) prevents being griefed over and over. 2) makes stranger missions actually challenging. 3) makes being mauled by a grizzly bear actually scary 4) prevents the scenario where you have been targeted for assassination and you have to literally kill the same guy 10 times in order to survive the time. 5) being afraid to die adds an incredible amount to immersion. I'd also like to add a 5-10% money loss on death, but I have a feeling players wouldn't like that so much. Now this being said you HAVE to implement this after you implement a better bounty system for players who RDM: bounties go up 25.00 or so dollars per players killed. honorable players can accept player bounties. bounties are tied to the character so changing servers doesn't save you. If you DO have a bounty there is a 30 second "camping" timer so players don't instant disconnect if they are in trouble of being caught similair to mmos, where you have to sit still and have a countdown. thoughts?
  3. It should just be a toggle for players on what they want to see, otherwise there was no point to names.
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