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  1. Oh yea, i remember you telling me im wasting my time posting here, Thanks and i did, more than enough other games to play.
  2. Last update just made me feel like hanging hat up, Im losing much more than i can make now with the little in game content and constant glitches and ALERTS, this game is starting to turn into a joke on the net when it used to be the next big thing. Are you trying to make me leave? Because your not trying to make me stay.
  3. Thank you guys for your answers, i do not believe it was intentional also and what HooverRAD said that it is a earlier build thing, i was just a little angry at being ripped off, as ppl do. then decided to send a angry msg.
  4. Its not a bug. Youtube has many clips of the same thing. It clearly shows buy for gold, then you are prompted to go to psn store to spend REAL money then when it brings you back the option to buy for gold is gone. Hourly there is more youtube clips of the same thing from different ppl. I think the scumbag business side of Red dead should expect a large law suit coming and all that money they made to disappear along with the player base.
  5. i have a question, when looking at saddles and having the option to buy for gold then sent to psn store to buy gold for REAL money, then come back and the option to buy for gold is gone, is that fraud?
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