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  1. if they do i hope under that list it says,"make a dlc in online so people will actually enjoy the game"
  2. still it doesn't matter about the fact that the pelt they stole lost its value for them to continue to sell. It's the fact the you lost the pelt. they need to add an actual passive mode like in Gta. except you get to keep weapons but not shoot other players
  3. basically everyone above has said whats the most efficient. There's really nothing more. there's no glitches that at least I'm aware of.
  4. I know they would never do this for the benefit of our exploits, but I wish they improved wagons or made them purchasable for transporting fish and hides.
  5. When I first played online it was fun. But I quickly ran out of things to do and now it feels like I'm playing the game not because I enjoy it but to prepare for some large update that I don't even know we're going to get. If I were rockstar I would start online with a little more to do because after you do one thing in the game, you feel like turning your console off because you did one of the few things there are to do.
  6. realisticly all I could seem them doing on christmas or post christmas is an communicative update on whats being done to improve the game and maybe another bonus for those that have been playing actively. Who knows maybe they'll put a giant christmas tree in the town square of saint denis XD
  7. Yeah I agree you cant really have poker in open lobby. people would rage over losing 2 dollars lol. But I think they will eventually add it as a mini game or something in a private lobby or like you said for the posse.
  8. Hey guys we've all been playing Red Dead online for a while now, hunting, fishing, and other means of maximizing our profits. I thought it would only be wholesome to talk about some update ideas we'd all want to see in online. This could be large or small. For me I would like to see more game modes added. One being poker. I hate going into all the saloons, seeing that round, green, empty table just waiting for usage. I also think it would be great if parleying was more of an actual passive mode like in gta online. I hate that I have to die 3 times everytime I run into some cancerous kid running around killing for no reason while I'm trying to hunt and fish. But anyway feel free to address your ideas and also things you think need fixing.
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