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    I have two characters, 8 horses including the breeds you mention Ed. I don't think rockstar's going to tell you about the characteristic of each breed and gender, but I will tell you what I know from experience. One of my Posse members bought a $130 horse for its looks. That's the smoothest handling horse I've ridden in the game. I used a  very helpful chart in rankedboost.com. I wanted stamina and speed. The perfect combination came by using hooded stirrups and the upgraded Gerden Trail saddle (the upgraded Stanger Roping is rated nearly as high). While my higher-level character does have and exotic (beaver) saddle, the expense and waiting for the level to get it done are not necessary. My horse of choice for both characters is the Nokota Dappled Grey. It didn't occur to me that I picked the same gender, a mare, with my second character so I can't speak about the stallion. Moondance, outfitted as stated, is lightning fast with amazing endurance. I want to get away or get to my destination.  My Turks are skittish and way too slow to arrive when I whistle. Moonie is always right there when I need her. That's more important to me than her fear of gators and wolves because I prepare for those predators in advance. 
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