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  1. I never wanted to argue in the beginning until I started being called a liar. Sick and tired of people's attitudes nowadays. And thank you I appreciate that. I have contacted them with multiple emails. They continuously email me back saying that they are working on the problem. My biggest issue is them not wanting to refund the money and take the gold bars back out of my account. Starting to seem like they don't value their customers.
  2. Also why would I lie about this smart-ass? I'm not trying to get my money back without giving them their gold back. Every single email that I've sent them ask them to specifically take the 50 gold bars back out of my account and give me my $20 back. You're pathetic to get on here and call somebody a liar when you don't know the whole story.
  3. When you're new at the game and you're not sure how everything works and it gives you the option to buy now, to me and many others it looks like it was giving me the option to buy early. There's no lies here, it definitely made it seem like if you use gold you wouldn't have to wait until that rank. Everything else at those high levels won't even give you the option to buy now with gold until you rank up to those specific levels. How dare you call me a liar when I'm not the one at fault.
  4. You're a fool if you think this is a joke. Hundreds of others have been hit by this and it's not ok. Even if it was a $5 cash grab it isn't ok. Go be a dbag elsewhere.
  5. This exact same thing happened to me when it came to the Arabian horse. I went and bought the gold and then was no longer given the option to buy the horse with gold. I've contacted Rockstar probably ten times and have asked for a supervisor three of those 10. Constantly getting beat around the bush and they're refusing to refund my $20. This is absolutely a scam, it might not be a deliberate one on Rockstar but being that it is an issue and they won't refund the money kind of makes me wonder. To me right now I have no more respect for this company because of the way they're going about fixing the issue.
  6. Went to the stable about a week ago and noticed that I could buy the black Arabian horse early if I were to use gold. At least that's what the game was telling me, it even let me hit buy now with gold, and it took me straight to the store saying I didn't have enough gold. Thinking I could get a head start I went ahead and purchased the right amount of gold needed. Precisely $20 worth in US currency. After returning to the game I was unable to buy the horse. I've contacted Rockstar Support probably ten times since this has happened. I'm continuously getting emails from different Representatives saying that they know the issue is present because others have complained about it. They are unwilling to refund me my $20 and take the gold back out of my account. This in my opinion is a cheap and dirty way to scam people into spending more money on this game. Absolutely unacceptable. I was a big supporter of Rockstar and now over a $20 bill I'm starting to get the hint that they are just money hungry. I've asked three different times to speak to a manager or supervisor and I'm constantly getting beat around the bush. Shame on you Rockstar you guys are a joke.
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