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  1. Recruiting Honorable men & woman to the ranks of Peacemakers. A lawful institution to uphold what civility we have left. Those with a good moral compass, keeping the peace can be a dishonorable profession. Griefing is NOT tolerated but lessons must be taught. Use exceptional judgment. • 18+ & Mature • Griefing is not tolerated • Honorable or Dishonorable • Above average combatant. We are the wolves, not the sheep. • Mic is optional but preferred • Standard outfit equipped when in Posse (Clean black attire & white shirt) (This is an example) Here to enjoy the game, Free Roam, Stranger Missions, Showdowns & whatever else comes. This is not an RP group so missions, etc. are all played whether Honorable or Dishonorable. I am a newer father, so I will be looking for those who can lead in my absence as well. Message for invites, questions, etc. either here or on PSN. Sythik-X
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