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  1. Posse: The Hateful Seven (PS4) Howdy fellas, I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and have been doing showdowns to rank up and get the pretty stuff but, now that I got that out of the way, after failing to find a posse I decided to start one, and I am looking to fill it up with down-to-hearth players who share the same mindset (and possibly schedule). What we are looking for: - Chill yet devoted members who would be down to do anything from showdowns to fishing depending on the gang's mood at the time! We plan on helping each and everyone achieve their goals one-by-one so patience is highly appreciated. English is the main language we will be speaking (A mic is required for PVP). Respect is mandatory, we wont allow any sort of racism or harassment between our members. We have no age, gender, country, or rank requirements. Members: - Ebontune (rank 93), 28 Male (GMT+1) - PSN: Ebontune - Ackalir - PSN: Ackalir - - - - - Posse Percs: - Camp Travel Unlocked. I'd prefer if you'd add and message me on PSN, but you can let me know here as well. If you have a posse and would like to invite me feel free to do so too. See you there!
  2. I'd like to join, had the same issue with no replies.
  3. Hi, This posse still recruiting?
  4. Hi, This posse still recruiting? PSN: Ackalir
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