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    Hi all, new here joined today. Was looking for a platform like this to connect with other players on XB1. My GT is Evil Moses My Posse is The Most Wanted. Id like to arrange Posse VS Posse if you are interested please shoot me a message. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game
  2. I cant find an easy way to fight Posse VS Posse other than in freemode, which isnt a constructed way to battle imo. I was hoping id missed something? I can see you can offer Feuds, either 1 vs 1 or in a Posse but I cant find a way to enter into Posse battles with other Posses? Also in the series showdowns the game doesnt always keep my Posse together and you cant choose to enter into team only games. I guess a future update may bring these options, in the meantime has anyone found something that i have missed? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I am looking for other Posse's to engage in Posse Feuds for fun and to gain the award buckles. Is anyone out there interested in setting up a Posse VS Posse? I am guessing we would have to get together in a freeroam and make an arrangement. I just want some more fun from the game and think putting my team up against some of you would be a great new way to have some fun. No drama, just plain old fun. Win or lose. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope to hear from some of you!
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