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  1. Thanks for the heads up on that one,somehow I'd missed that challenge!!,No more hanging about in saloons without back up from now on!!!it does explain why Someone kept trying to follow me round in saloon before,luckly that time a botched wave attempt mean't I shot someone and all hell broke lose!! Just seen your earlier post about the same trap!
  2. Decided not to be too hasty to judge the other evening when in St Denis,ducked into saloon rather than tear out of town when I saw a few people about,decided to have a drink,guy comes in,im ready to be shot,but no he gets a drink,I finish drink,wave walk to door the next thing hes come up behind me with a knife and I'm dead slashed across the throat....all I can think is what really was the point of that!no skill needed,no fun!I'd have been happy to trade a few punches etc but that was just kind of low!!!
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