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  1. As PS4 and XBOX are currently the only two platforms that you can play RDO On. I wonder if cross platform is in play here. what are your thoughts?
  2. I personally don’t find greifers it o be that much of an issue. I encounter players every 20 mins aprox. But most of the time I don’t have to deal with them. Sometimes when I loose all my pelts after being head shot from behind. What do you guys think?
  3. Hello! I just created a permanent posse and I was wondering if it was possible to change the size? Pls comment. If you want to join my posse, I have a post about it on my profile.
  4. If I were rockstar, I would start by changing how long day time is. It just always seems so Dark! Does it depend on what time you log on? Because obviously it’s real time, so it wouldn’t just reset the day/night cycle. Post answers on what you guys think on this topic.
  5. Hello my fellow outlaws. Are you wandering aimlessly around RDO with nothing to do? No worries! Join the outlaws posse! we rob, we steal, we kill, we hunt, we rule the Wild West! Currently I have a small camp, so only up to 3 more members can join! Hurry and get a spot before it’s taken! But we will expand. Need some people to play with? Look no further! It would be nice if you have a mic, but it doesn’t matter. PS4 only.
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