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  1. Ya I noticed the card pop up when I bought a pack so I tried it and sure enough it works for every set even authors and poets, which I just found out! Lol Thanks for the reply and Hopefully this helps some people!
  2. Just going out on a limb here but I already thought it was John marathons wife! I k ow this is a little far fetched but when they talk about jack it kind of makes sense!
  3. Hello everyone I just wanted to pass along a little tip for all the cigarette cards! There are a total of 144 cards and all of them can be found by buying the premium cigarette packs! They are $5 a pack but this saves a ton of time! Here is what I did maxed out sachet you can carry 99 cigarettes. Buy at store close book, open satchel and discard all and rinse and repeat! Super easy way to get the cards you need. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps.
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