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  1. There is man! a couple more to do with wagons where Murfree's are kidnapping a woman or transporting bodies, then another where they are torturing a man tied to a tree, creepy stuff!
  2. Thanks for the tip partner! was that east or west of the river?
  3. Hi guys! I have been having an issue spawning any Murfree Brood encounters in the Roanoke Ridge area. I have passed the game and have tried everything to try get any to spawn, but to no avail. There is only one that spawns regarding these characters, it sees two Murfree's looting corpses at a campsite, then make a break for it whenever they spot you. Over and over again this is the only encounter I see and it's driving me to the brink of insanity! (~'0')~ I have contacted Rockstar support on the matter and they state I must complete the encounter that keeps repeating before any others will appear, but i don't know how, as there are no prompts on what and what not to do in chance encounters. I felt like I have tried everything at this point too, shot them and their back-up, killed them and looted them, let them run and let the dialogue play out completely. I am at a total loss on what to do guys :( has anyone else ran into the same issue where they only get the one Murfree encounter? Any insight would be so greatly appreciated, thankyou guys! :D
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