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  1. I am level 98 and had forgotten from story mode as I used to just sell my fish in story mode. Thanks for the help.
  2. I Want The POTENT predator bait so that if there are any animals in the vicinity I can attract them. Also I have bluegill fish but cant seem to break them down into gritty fish.
  3. I recently bought the potent predator bait pamphlet at the fence. I was looking to craft a few to go out hunting and noticed it requires Gritty Fish. Any ideas where to catch some gritty fish? I have some blue gill in my satchel but I cant seem to cook it or craft with it, any ideas? Thanks
  4. Got them last night, they are a bit good mind. Good to put griefers in their place.
  5. About to turn level 93 and get my explosive arrows. Anyone else on here use them and got any tips. Can I stick an arrow into a rival posses buggy and blow it up?
  6. I have the same problem as what you have described. I also have the problem of my new horse not upgrading. I will have another go tonight
  7. Hi there, this is my first post so hear goes. When trying to bond with my horse last night I noticed that what ever points I was getting for my horse would not add to the points it was requiring to level up the horse. so I played for 2hours last night and my horse was still level 1 (174/400 points.)? Is this a common problem?
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