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  1. Bountiful 20Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states Hello I just had a quick question about this achievement; Can this be done when you play as John after the main game/story is complete? Thank you
  2. Hello I have just updated my game 1.4gig update I think it was I started the game and the FPS is about 20, very low and almost unplayable Has this happened to anybody else?
  3. Thanks but... I sold my very first horse (the one you get at the very start) as I knew I had the racehorse, so I acquired the racehorse, did one mission then it disappeared. I cannot place my saddle on any horse as when I whistle when I have no horse all I get is the nag. basically, I am stuck If i got to the stables and sell my racehorse and buy it back (its free as I have special edition) the game knows I own the horse but it wont give me it Theres nothing I can do...
  4. Hello I got the edition of RDR2 where you get a racehorse, online I have picked it up from the stables but each time I whistle for a horse I keep getting the nag, how do I spawn/get my racehorse? or any horse I bought? It's really frustrating Thank you
  5. How to get the best animal pelts? helloThe animal pelts have a star rating of 1 2 or 3, every single animal I kill is either 1 or 2 stars... how do you get 3 stars?the more bullets you put in them the lower the rating?Thank you
  6. Hello I bought the ultimate edition and I've got some codes for outfits and bonuses etc. But When will they be able to be used/activated so I begin to use them? Does anybody know? Thank you
  7. Hello I was just wondering if anybody has heard if there will be a special/limited edition of this game for PS & XBOX? Normally a big name title would have a special edition but I cant seem to find anything yet Any information would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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