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  1. My name Jacob Grabow and I am from Brodhead,Wisconsin, USA. I am 27 and have asbergers and sometimes get mad for no apparent reason . My Xbox handle is SnakeEater49910 and my youtube page is my real name and I am a casual gamer .
  2. There has been footage of a game reviewer going viral on youtube saying that somebody was able to access the code files for Red Dead 2 and in the files were alot of sh*t that Rockstar cut from the game includung Arthur Morgan living and exploring Blackwater and New Austin. Now we all know as gamers that Rockstar has a history of decieving and even lieing to gamers after rockstar cut sh*t from the games. i always knew Arthur Morgan did not have to Die when I started playing the game and Ialready starting to piece toghether the missing parts. this video was recently upload tues and may have already been taken down due to rockstars orders but this video explained what just went wrong in Blackwater and the b\ackwater mission that was cut from the game and a whole bunch of other things rockstart cut. NOW LET'S START TO BLOW THIS FORUM UP BY COMMENTING AND POSTING AND REPOSTING UNTIL WE GET ROCKSTAR GAMES ATTENTION AND THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO DO A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I for one am one of the pissed off gamer that wasn't fully impressed with red dead 2 even though it sold over a million copies I feel BOTH TAKE TWO AND ROCKSTAR AR LYING AND WITHOLDING INFORMATION PERTAINING TO Red Dead , and I have played enough games to relize when there was someting cut out of the game because this game does not make no sense. Turns out ROCKSTAR'S ORIGINAL PLAN WAS TO HAVE ARTHUR MORGAN LIVE and have the players choose options but a lot of those options were already made and were terrible decisions!
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