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  1. Hey Guys, Many thanks for your replies. I checked over my controller again and the L2 button is ever so slightly sticking, making L2 is always pushed in, you can hardly notice it! Good news is it's a simple problem, and nothing to do with the game, bad news is I probably now need a new controller! Anyway, thanks again. Jimjamjammy
  2. I have just got over 50% completion, and was on the Guarma mission when suddenly my aim controls have changed, L2 no longer appears to do anything and R2 aims and sticks in the aim position so I can't duck behind anything, I'm basically walking around either without a gun or constantly aiming stood up - obviously not the best way to play. I've reset all the controls but its still the same, has anyone else had this problem? I'm hoping it's not a bug that's going to ruin the rest of the game. Maybe it could be my controller which has broke? Thanks. Jimjamjammy
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