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  1. I have. A feeling that these daily missions are costing more than there gonna pay out. not that i’m surprised to be honest . andd I was happy to try complete a week of them but couldn’t do the posse feude one yesterday as I hard done 10 and none seemed to register ?? come on rockstar sort it out don’t want online feature to die off already I loved the story and hoped online would be as good as gta or hopefully better and more stable
  2. Resolved !!! ( I was just being stupid it’s bats not rats lmao So I’ve been working through my first daily inline questes for rdr2 online and I can’t seem to complete the quest : collect 3 little brown rats i have been been to the caves behind the Elysian pool waterfall and collected 8 or more brown rats but not little brown rats are they just small brown rats or a different species altogether?? any help on this today would be great as after that I done all my daily quests for today.
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