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  1. Actually that's the whole point of these birds. thry exist in the game only for a secret "mission" to make them extinct. There's like 25 of them in the Bayou. This correlates to their real-life extinction during thr same time period as this game.
  2. Has anyone wiped these birds out yet? I can't find any. I know it unneccessary to most, but I want to do it. These damn things are driving me nuts though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. If they make a story expansion, what would you want it to be about? We don't know what's going on with Javier in 1907, so missiond in Mexico as him sounds fun. Also opening up the map to the north can allow us to play as Charles in Canada. A whole new area in South America for Sadie, maybe, but that might need its own game. Hell, msybe even playing as Ross. Thoughts?
  4. The Strange Man, often interpreted as being Death himself because he's unharmable and appears at times and places of death, can be seen in the first Red Dead telling John he likes how he kills yet still respects marriage, that he hopes his son would be like him, that he remembers him but won't say from where, speaks about the girl that died on the ferry, shows up where John gets burried right before he dies, etc. In the sequel he has a cabin decorated in his honor by one of his surrogates that's located in Bayou NWA. He can be seen in the standing mirtor when the place is revisited by John enough times when the painting of him is complete. The painting can be studied as a point of interest collectable with a journal entry added as well. When John studies the painting, he notes that he feels like he is being watched. There are plenty of references to the players choices in the cabin as well as a map of Armadillo with an eery message about someone facing the consequences after being made an ultimatum of either happiness or 2 generations. When you go to Armadillo, the place is sick with colera, and a man outside town will mention that they were cursed by the Strange Man who had been seen around town at the start of the outbreak. The Blind Man will also mention that the player is being pursued by a other-worldly being. The Fortune Teller in the Bayou will mention gods dying and circles being broken. Herbert Moon is spared from the disease because uis shop bears a shrine to the Strange Man behind his counter that John will point out. Herbert seems possessed as if he's a proxy to the Strange Man since he doesn't know why its hung in his shop or who the man is, though both him and John mention that he seems familiar. The Strange Man may be a demon, ghost, or the Devil himself. Are there any other references I'm missing? I'd love to know more about him. Some have speculated that he's the Ferryman and that the girl from the ferry he mentions isn't just a literal mention as to the murder Dutch committed but also figuritively speaking about carrying other's souls from this plane. Most people already know of the ghost lady in the swamps, the ufos, and the Aztec symbols quoting the Bible in Blackwater, so there are a lot of canon supernatural things in the game that i find interesting.
  5. So I just explored half of Mexico (give or take) on foot by blacking out drunk along a rock wall across the river from Henigan's Stead where the waterfall is and the following the slope up. I visited El Presidio and took pictures of it inside and out with the in-game camera that I can save to my phkne and post here. But I slipped into the river and drowned as John can't swim south of Armadillo. This took a little while and was tedious since there might not be any horses there unlike being off-map in Ambarino/West Grizzlies from the Devil's Cave/Hidden Tunnel on my way back to Guarma. I'm just curious if anyone else has been to Mexico in this game and can tell me if there are any other notable buildings or landmarks thst I should revisit the region for. If so, I'd love to talk about them before Rockstar patches the few remaining ways there.
  6. Much, much less time than that if you constantly feed it and pat it while you ride. More like 1/2 hour or 45 minutes tops, but that's not at all the point of this post. This is about whether procuring a horse using a cheat code would disable achievements related to replaying missions.
  7. I don't play multiplayer. Since I got 100%, I've been doing off-map exploration. Mexico's huge and empty so it sucks to have to walk, but I don't know how to get a horse over there without cheating. I didn't think that'd affect replaying missions, but it might. The bonding part's not an issue, but there is a code for that, too.
  8. Is the Legendary Channel Catfish even visable? I've never even seen it. Even in the mission.
  9. I am considering using cheat codes to procure high end and fully bonded horses for my exploration of Mexico. I know that cheats disable certain things, including achievements. So my question is this: would the game disable my progress towards the Gold Rush achievement dispite it having nothing to do with the free roam that I've already conquered?
  10. Thanks. I thought so, too. I did manage to unlock that achievement a few hours ago, and I do think that I was pressing B faster than the game could recognize because I didn't notice the prompt reacting to each input. I slowed it down by pressing it with my thumb instead of rapid firing it with my finger for the third prompt, and it worked just about every time. Took about 2 hours for the past 13 or so bears by saving and reloading. I'm not sure if the kind of knife mattered, but since I switched to my default hunting knife from the ornate one, I had a much better success rate.
  11. Is it possible to kill the huge bear from Epilogue 2? Also, why is it that I sometimes drain my entire health almost instantly and die when trying to break from a Grizzly attack 1/3 of the time? Is it possible that I'm mashing too fast? This is my second to last offline achievement.
  12. Was this during the Epilogue or after you beat it?
  13. I know I don't need it for that. I just want everything.
  14. I have a simple issue since I have 100% for every aingle thing in the compendium except this and the parakeets (but that's s different topic). I cannot seemto trigger a Laramie gang ambush. Has anyone else managed to, and if so, how?
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