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  1. For example? I don't know if it's true or not: https://support.rockstargames.com/community/posts/115007307967-Does-Blocking-someone-on-Social-Club-prevents-them-from-joining-my-Jobs-
  2. Thanks for the answer. But I need specifics
  3. Any way to block players ? Avoid sessions with them in it? On social club, ingame, anywhere at all? *Playstation 4 Main task. Do not meet a blocked player in the same game session
  4. Prompt, please, the principle of operation of the servers and game sessions. I want to know the ip address of the server / session I'm playing in. I didn't find anything on the subject. In the network, I found an interesting comment: "the server only saves data, and the session itself is held by the players as a torrent tracker."Is that really true?" Where can I find more information about their work?
  5. When available competition fishing? They're ****ing with their clothes.
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