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  1. List of things I want in rdr2 online More NPC:s in your camp (like Cripps). The NPC:s can be found at RANDOM locations and they should be really rare - If you are out looking for them it should take a couple of hours to find them. The NPC:s could help out with the camp, donate (like in the story), find missions like home robberies, stagecoach robberies. They could also sometimes locate gang hideouts and follow with you on a dangerous mission. Random encounters / random missions - For example someone wants you to hunt down a perfect American Pronghorn Doe or to bring them a rare herb in exchange for money or a valuable item. Legendary animals to hunt down, in the story there are 29 legendary animals (16 Legendary animals and 13 legendary fish). Make it so if you get them all you can make a cool outfit or unlock a valuable item. More game modes. I would like just a regular deathmatch with no twists on it like the “Name your weapon” game mode where you cant have your own weapons or the “Most wanted” where you get points for killing people and the more people you kill the more points someone gets if they kill you. And of course I want lobbies with no auto aim and i want to be able to choose a specific gamemode instead of having to play different playlists. I would like more ways to earn money and my idea is that from level 0 you can only rob homes with not very much money. At about lvl 25 you could start robbing stagecoaches and stores with more money but harder to pull of with more enemies. At lvl 50 you could start robbing Mansions with more jewelry and money, but there would be guards. At lvl 75 you could start to rob smaller banks like in rhodes and at lvl 100 you could rob bigger banks like the Saint Denis bank. For the people who already are over lvl 100 would do the robberies in the same order (Home robberies - Stagecoaches - Mansions - Small banks - Big banks) but they could do every single mission right after eachother instead of trying to rank up. Other storylines besides the Jessica LeClerk storyline. The online is set before the campaign of the game so maybe a storyline with a member of the Van Der Linde gang. Sean is in the online and Micah is mentioned so it would be possible. I would also like there to be different missions depending on your honor level. If you have good honor you could do missions for the sheriff or if you have bad honor you could do missions for an outlaw. And in the end of them both you coulb be rewarded with different rare weapons.
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