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  1. So I know it's super early to speculate about this but has anyone else noticed rock stars sudden interest in Australia? It's constantly mentioned in single player and in online a few times plus that one mission in online that I don't wanna spoil for any Aussie's who haven't played it, I would absolutely love to see a red dead in Australia
  2. It didn't seem like it'd he over powered if it was in free roam like I didn't notice too much of an advantage when doing that mission besides maybe a slight health boost.
  3. So I just did that mission where you have a shootout in fort Mercer and I'm not going to spoil it cos if there's any Aussie's they will love that mission but I really want to know if I can wear that armour in free roam
  4. Dammit oh actually I had another question which is unrelated to this but cbf man NH another topic, so I'm in Australia and we're 15 hours ahead of the US so the midnight launch will let us get red dead before America but I'm wondering if that will cause any issues with streaming the game
  5. probably a stupid question but if I pre-ordered a physical copy of rdr2 am I able to pre-load the game or is it only for digital pre orders?
  6. Is it just me or does the guy in the background look like Seth from rdr1
  7. Does anyone have any concerns about rdr2? Like will my ps4 burst into flames cos of the intensity of it haha
  8. The voice soundes super similar and what about the women sitting next to John at the fire with the kid on her lap? That's gotta be Abigail and Jack
  9. Isn't Abigail in the gameplay trailer? Isn't she the one that says "so you saved the silly bastards life now your out robbing sheep"
  10. When do you think we will see the next gameplay trailer and what are some things you want them to show off? I'm hoping they show off some side activities
  11. I don't think Arthur will survive just cos Ross would not allow it, if he found out or even thought Arthur was alive he'd have him hunted and killed
  12. What do people think this game will have for its ending? Will we play the post game as Arthur or will Arthur die and we go on as maybe john or someone else
  13. Yea I didn't word that well lol I kind of thought of new things as I was writing it lol but basically Arthur runs of with his last friend and has a kid thn a few years later Arthur is killed by John who thn goes on to do the events of RDR
  14. Some brilliant ideas here but I don't think Arthur will survive cos Ross just wouldn't allow it so I think shits ganna go down and alot of your gang is ganna get killed on the job where John gets shot and what is left of the gang being Bill, Javier, Arthur and dutch make a run for it leaving john to think they abandoned him thn after they make it to safety Arthur tells dutch he wants out or something like that and takes Arthur's lady friend and they settle down and have a child together thn skip forward a few years and john finds him and in the reunion cutscene your given a button prompt to pull the trigger and you think your pulling the trigger as Arthur but when you do john fires and kills Arthur the a cut scene following john he gets on a ferry to backwater and lead into RDR1
  15. The snow scene could potentially be at the start of the game along with the "wake 'me up a little" scene for the other trailer and the hunting in that part could be for tutorial purposes... If that all adds up with the timeline
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