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  1. Howdy fellers! Any of y'all looking for a roleplay community with the freedom to be what you want AND the background lore available to immerse your character into the world? Well, partner, theres a group called Stories of the Five States!! Where you can be who you want, as long as it's possible. Join us on Discord, where we have a full bot driven server economy, with in game properties and businesses listed for sale, and an in game money making model to match. One that gives you a reason for clearing gang attacks and a purpose behind completing contact missions. Be whoever you want, from a Banker or preacher, to an old hermit or town drunk. You can absolutley be that here. Come visit The Five States today!!! https://discord.gg/p2XANvq
  2. The stories of the five states rp are looking for people who are interested in roleplay new and experienced players welcome. XBOX ONLY https://discord.gg/KKpS5WT
  3. The Manfield Gang are a small group of outlaws that are looking to make their name and stake a claim amongst the other gangs of cutthroats we are based in the Great Plains area of West Elizabeth and we love to hunt and fish and make money if you are interested click the link it will take you to our discord where we can answer any questions you have https://discord.gg/6btbRQU
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