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  1. Is there a way to check how many hours I've played on RDR2?.....I can't seem to find any option for hours played on a game
  2. Is It still In story mode or did rockstar remove It?.....I'm only asking because It has a legendary Icon on the map of My game
  3. I've got all but a sliver of the ring around of the dead eye meter and cant seem to fill It all the way I've done hunting head shots on missions I'm even wearing a completed set of the herbalist challenges nothing seems to work like the others that are completed health and stamina I'm not sure what else to do.....Any suggestions?
  4. I've looked In the spot where the last horse I need But It's not there I need the Hungarian halfbred does anyone know of other spawn points and the times of day the horse spawns at If there Is any?
  5. After the Mission *Revenge Is a Dish best eaten* I picked up the Mauser off the floor and after the mission was over I went to the guns store to get another but It was locked has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Has anyone else had this problem where enemies disappear during that mission I shoot 4 guys and the fifth Isnt anywhere to be found Ive tried replaying that mission over and over watched both cut scenes and still nothing
  7. I've looked everywhere for that bird all kinds of sites suggesting places and different times and nothing what so ever I'm In chapter 3 Just about Into chapter 4 any Ideas?.....I was thinking I needed to clear out all the gators In the area before they'd spawn but not sure
  8. I've recently come across a problem with the replay mode when ever I try to launch a mission I get black screened has anyone else had this problem and If so how can I fix It?....I'm on the PS4
  9. Do they transfer over to John from Arthur like clothes and weapons and certain other stuff Or do I need to take them to the fence at sometime during the last chapter before the epilogue?
  10. I'm Just curious when the gator actually spawns I've seen conflicting things where It spawns right after (Country Pursuits) and others saying Its In chapter 6 and still others saying the whole hunt Is glitched any Ideas?
  11. The pistol I've been wondering about Is the pistol that looks like the German Lugger not sure where to get It In the shops or open world If that's even possible
  12. I'm nearing the end of chapter 4 and those guns shops are still locked not sure why I've tried going offline to play and still not open any suggestions? Dont want to miss any weapons from those shops I've read only are In them (Semi auto pistol) In chapter 4
  13. I've done all the steps to the glitch with the angelo bronte mission several times now on the first play through and replaying and as soon as I step foot in black water I'm swarmed by bounty hunters I have update 1.09 update If that means much? Thanks
  14. Cant figure It out I'm on chapter 4 and trying to get the auto pistol but cant get In the gunsmith tried shutting down and restarting My PS4 and still nothing.....I did rob both but that was ages ago thought It open up again after awhile
  15. Does anyone else find the replay needs fixing?...I mean when You replay a mission You get none of Your dead eye items when Its called for example (An American Pastoral Scene)
  16. We play as Artur for the majority of the game as him and cant get to New Austin without getting shot by an Invisible sniper?....I mean some of the hunting for animals for outfits and such are down there as well as side quests things to look for
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