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  1. I like the way you can play it as true to the real thing as possible. It is virtually non linear.Granted you must do the yellow blob missions to open up phases in the game. But you can do it in any order. Also stranger missions are optional..I ignore most of them as I did in RDR 1. I leave em for John and Jack in RDR1 and for John in RDR2. The option to change the clothing and have any style of face whiskers you like by going to the barbers..Thats makes it for me;. You also have the choice in being a downright sadist or play it a bit righteous . I dont hunt every animal and fishing leaves me cold so little side awards are of no interest to me. As a fan of all things of the American Old West I find this game most addictive and as true to form as it could be present technology accepted. I hope they (R*) do more set in a previous period of say the American Civil war and aftermath. It was done with the call of Juarez which unfortunately was linear and not open world but the scope is their. My only hope is they do it sooner than later because Im cracking on a bit now :0}
  2. Yes be very wary of pressing Y when near a person..I went to the stage driver and instead of pressing LT first to speak I hit Y like you do when you approach the stage sign..I start to strangle him....Crime Committed...Wanted...The cops start in on you and befor you know where you are you are in a gunfight and owe $150 bounty plus get killed...All that and you only have $15 bucks !!!!!! I did it again when getting on my horse in St Denis...I thought it was part of the game..but its thumb frouble Ha ha I have just finished my 4th play of the game tonight. For the first time I watched all the credits and short vids in between...I saw for the first time the Pinks scanning Beechers Hope with Binos and giving eachother knowing nods so Im not sure what that means...Yet
  3. As Arthur I had the same Palamino all the way through the game after selling the first one I traded Hoseas old Shire horse for.
  4. He is wanted Dead or Alive in the Blackwater region of West Elizabeth and to get into New Austin he would need to cross that state. I tried by galloping full tilt across the plains (Night and Day ) but the Posse soon susses you. Funnily you can sneak up the gully at night close to Blackwater to spy out the land to rescue Sean..They even have a camp with a fire..But nobody sees them..Crazy.
  5. I have a big screen out in my den (garage actually) and play out there and I find getting on line a bit tricky as the hub is indoors. However its hard to navigate around the prompts and I gave up with it. I dont know why they couldnt have had it like RDR 1
  6. In the swamp episode looking for the lost lad. Did anyone get a glitch by going round the left of the snagged up boat instead of to the right. I was stuck there and unable to get away and try another route so I had to exit the game and re start mission from Shady Bell.
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