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  1. So, I was roaming about in Number land Calls area where I found a Dinosaur Bone. I inspected it and moved on but lost the horse in the fall. So I didn't want to run around on foot so I used the Auto save option to reload a few minutes back I discovered the bone. The issue occurred that the bone I had inspected previously was shown on spot but now I am unable to Inspect it however close I am to it and see it through eagle eye. Similar case occurred about about the Rock Carving at Mount Hagen. It's my 2nd play through and this is frustrating as I can't make new trinkets, exploring would be all wasted and 100% game completion will not occur. Someone please help.
  2. Ok. Playing as John I went after Skinner brothers gang. I randomly picked up their Bow and now it has entered in my inventory replacing my original bow which was better in damage, range... Any ideas how to get back original one??
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