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  1. I also travel through the wildreness for the most part. But I had just gotten the white Arabian from Lake Isabela. And I had an awful time doing so, it was the first horse I'd ever broke and I wasn't familiar with the mechanics. So the first time I lost it and camped nearby and slept for as long as I could. It wouldn't respawn. So alternatively I went and decided I'd hunt the legendary bison in that location and get the legendary buck as well, putting some time and distance between me and the horses spawn location. When I was done and made two trips to the trapper and what ever other stops I'd made exploring, farming feathers, or completing any challenges, I'd probably killed 2 hours real time give or take. So I travelled back and finally got my white Arabian. Now my trouble begins. I go to Strawberry so I can ride this much faster horse to saint denis in under 9 minutes for a challenge. I was ambushed twice and attacked by wolves once. All before making it half way to my destination. I get literally within feet of the bridge to saint denis and this horse comes out of nowhere from the side of the road and knocks me off my horse thus failing the challenge. I get back on my horse and continue into the city in hopes it was still achievable. But it wasnt. I turned around and went right back the same way I came and I was surrounded by enemies. I had no time to counter attack or anything. Same ambush as most of you have had encountered. It's like the game knew I had just tamed this rare animal and rode it all the way from one side of the map to the other just to take my new horse. Never has dying killed my horse I've had since the beginning of the game. This is a cruel game mechanic. Not the players fault in my opinion. You have no chance. I think it only does it if you have recently gotten a good horse. I'm guessing they're horse thieves. But again, not players faults. Just Rockstars way of spitting in your face.
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