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  1. I don’t know. On rdr2 wiki, there’s written that there are 3 types of newspapers, depending on which state you buy them in. In my opinion, this suggests that you can actually buy them all, but I don’t know if I’m wrong
  2. I have just completed the game but never bought a single newspaper. So, I decided to buy all of them together. I went in Blackwater and bought all the numbers of the Blackwater Ledger. I wanted to do the same with the New Hanover Gazette and the one sold in Lemoyne (I don’t remember the name). The problem is that the newspaper sellers appear on the map everywhere except the town I am currently in. If I’m in town A, he appears everywhere but in town A; the same with town B, C… is it a bug or is it related to the fact I have already bought all numbers of the Blackwater Ledger? Is it possibile to have only one type of newspaper, perhaps?
  3. Hi guys. Searching on internet I have found out that, once caught, an X appears in the map on the icon of the legendary fish. The same happens with the legendary animals. I have caught all the legendary fish but not a single one is marked with an X… in fact, I have also completed the quest concerning the legendary fish. So, why? Maybe they can be caught once more (outside the quest) and then they will be marked? Or what? What do you think?
  4. In my opinion, it's a mistake; but, as you say, we'll probably never find out
  5. I've just started chapter 5 (no spoilers, please). So, I'm currently on the island of Guarma. I heard there are some animals that only spawn here. Aside from them, are there also plants that spawn only here? Because there are numerous forums that tell you about these animals, but there is no info about plants... thanks guys
  6. Hi guys. There’s a stranger mission (I won’t tell which to avoid spoilers) that mentions Sorrento (a city near Naples) and Bellagio (a city on Garda Lake in northern Italy). I’m italian and I can tell you it’s very cool that such places are mentioned. However, there’s a mistake: Bellagio is on Como Lake (another lake in northern Italy), not on Garda Lake. Besides, I’ve been there last year. I assure you it’s a wonderful place. Anyway, just a curiosity, it’s not a criticism: I love rdr series
  7. Hi guys. As the title says, do you know if there’s a way to check which strangers missions I have completed? I mean a permanent way, like the story ones. You can check missions (about either strangers or story) in the quest log, I know, but after a little they disappear. I’d like to know if there’s a page in the menu pause that collects all the strangers missions completed. Thanks
  8. Yes, they are added in the compendium if caught, but a fish can actually be in the compendium even if you have never caught it: just study it. In the compendium, there will be written “fish X (regardless what fish is) = caught 0, caught with bread/corn/… 0”. Not an important event, just a curiosity
  9. Hi guys. I know that the stranger mission called Fundraiser is scripted to appear in Saint Denis from chapter 2 to 6. However, I'm currently in chapter 4 and I have never seen the '?' white icon where it is supposed to appear. It should be the shortest stranger mission and, if you miss it, nothing happens (you can obtain 100% in the story mode doing other stranger missions). Anyway, it is stressful not to have the possibility to do this one in particular. If you check on internet you'll find out that other people have this same problem. Let me know if you can fix it
  10. First, you have to kill it with the varmint rifle to avoid damaging the pelt too much. Then, you have to TAKE it on your horse and send it at the post office: you DON’T have to skin it
  11. Hi guys! Have you ever noticed you can actually study fish? Aside from animals, there's the possibility to study even them. Call me crazy, but I am a perfectionist and I have already studied all of them (even the poisoned ones). Studying a fish is more difficult than studying a normal animal, but after a little time you should be able to do it. A general advise: the bigger the fish, the easier it is studied. However, you can study all the 15 fish by using this tip: every few minutes, a fish remains stuck underwater for 8-10 seconds. It moves like when it swims but it is motionless. That is your (probably only) chance to study it. I recommend aiming at the fish with a weapon to study it (avoid the binoculars): in fact, the "study" icon appears only when you aim AT the fish, NOT near the fish. To speed up the "fish-stuck" process, try to walk into the water near the fish you want to study: it will swim away but soon after it should get stuck. The same method should work with the poisoned fish that you can find at Elisyan Pool, at the little lake in Saint Denis and in the Lannahechee River near Annesburg. During my gameplay, I have found out 6 fish out of 15 that are poisoned: I don't know if there are more
  12. Today (30th July 2019) I have realized I couldn’t enter Francis Sinclair’s house when his mission is over. Saddly, I didn’t pick up the old brass compass when I had the chance. So, I tried the “save&load glitch” four times but it didn’t work for me. However, I have found out another way to get it (actually, it is in my inventary): you can enter the house by aiming at the door with a gun while carrying the lamp with the other hand (watch videos on YouTube to learn how to do it correctly). This method should work
  13. Can someone tell me if the slot in the compendium for the stone hatchet is available only if you can get the weapon by playing GTA V? Or is it present regardless the fact you played GTA V or didn’t?
  14. Ok, I get it. So, basically the stone hatchet is the only weapon you can obtain only with the help of GTA V, I suppose
  15. Hi guys. I know there are a couple of weapons that can be obtained from GTA V online. These are the stone hatchet and the double-action gun. However, I have a doubt: the double-action gun is totally unavailable without playing GTA V or not? I may be wrong, but I think I have read that the gun is available in the game regardless GTA V but there’s a special modification obtainable only with GTA V. Am I right?
  16. I know, but this one should appear, I am sure. I watched a video that showed the Farm with its name (while in pause) written on it. If the words 'Robard Farm' weren't scripted to appear on the map, then why I can name it? If it was an unnamed location I shouldn't be able to call it 'Robard Farm'. In fact, there are no missions located here and no one among the characters mentions this place in the game, I am quite sure
  17. I visited that place almost twice but the words ‘Robard Farm’ don’t appear on my map. It is located in Lemoyne, in Southfield Flats. It’s not such a terrible thing, I know, but for a perfectionist like me it’s stressful. Does anybody know if I have to do a particular thing (maybe entering the house in the “correct” way, go through the fields outside, something like that)? I am quite sure the name is scripted to appear when you first visited the place, but unfortunately that’s not my case. Help me if you guys find out something, thanks
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