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  1. Ok thanks! It would be nice if there was an extreme mode (guaranteed on last enemy of a group or every 3 enemies you kill, etc..)
  2. I have been playing RDR2 on and off since October. I am in Chp 4. now with over 60 hours into the game. One thing I am finding is that I cannot get the Kill Cam to trigger often unless I am fighting lawman. There seem to be certain parts in the story missions that auto trigger it. I also found the one Bounty at the broken down fort, he always triggers a kill cam even if the setting is off. My issue seems to be with it on, I am rarely getting kill cam shots killing bandits, gangs or others in story missions. Does anyone else find this? I i go into a town and start shooting up lawman usually every 3-5 lawmen gives me a sweet killcam shot. I tested by saving and going through six point cabin and also the civil war bounty area and each area I seem to get one killcam and no others. Other missions like where you have a huge fightout with the Grays I couldnt get it to trigger once. I wish I know what the logic is behind the killcam but the % chance seems to be much higher with lawmen...
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