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  1. Hello, pardon me in advance if I have overlooked something, but this is my second time around in RDR2 as I deleted my original saved game completion of 60+%. I am now about 55% through and in chapter four. I have found the Abalone shell and collected it from the side room of the house in Rhodes, I have also killed the legendary Tatanka White Bison skinned and collected the horn. However now when I have tried to craft the talisman The Abalone shell and Tatanka Bison horn are both missing. I cannot re kill the Bison as he is dead and has a big X through him on the map and the Abalone shell is not in the side room of the house in Rhodes anymore. They are both not in my pouch although they both were at one time as I had checked and saw them. When I go to a Fence and try to craft the Tatanka triknet it says the two items are missing. What do I do now? Your help is appreciated.
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