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  1. I am very similar minded, I often enjoy just plodding about and completing a few missions without the need for hunting every other player down. So I am to presume online you are able to do it solo as well as with others
  2. I hevnt been playing rdr2 long but fancy finding some easy going like minded to play with. I just want to find a posse of players who like to join up and ride together without the need to be shooting all the time. My question is, how likely is it to find players like this or is the online exeprience just a griefer / pvp melting pot? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Hi Just started playing RDR 2, so thought would come and join a community of like minded peeps as love the banter, based in the UK.
  4. My username Kilgore74 comes from appocalypse now movie. The colonel who liked playing ride of... from speakers on his helicopter, the number my year of birth
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