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  1. I send to R* a support ticket from day one i had this problem, don't worry 😀😉
  2. Ok guys so I found a solution about this bug and the reason it happens. The problem comes when you have 5 horses in your stable. After buying the fifth horse, one of your horses, or the one you just bought, migth get hit by the glitch-bug. Basically I don't know what triggers the glitch or what you have to do in order to enable it, but my friend, who owns 5 horses has not faced this problem, at least for now. Unfortunately in order to solve this you have to discard one of your horses (I know guys, it's hard, but you have to do it if you want your horse back). So this is the solution in o
  3. I have 5 horses in RDO and i love them very much. I don't know exactly when and how it happens but every time I call my horse it has very low health and stamina cores and it looks exhausted, like after a revive state. Same thing happens when I take it in and out of the stable and basically just every time it spawns in. All this happens with only one of my horses. I tried to buy a horse care package but it does nothing. The next time I call my horse or after I finish a mission, again it always is like I just revived my horse. Feeding my horse will bring it back up but then, the next time I call
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