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  1. Yeah, hopefully 5:30am PST. Only 3 hours and 18 min left.
  2. Nothing to be confused about, someone made a PS4 Posse. Only for PS4 players. There's other Posse's to choose from.
  3. @Truth Some think it's caused by killing said animals when they're near water/in water, or skin animation being interrupted by wildlife actions near by.
  4. @Truth Tried everything. I thought I made some progress, because the pelt was suddenly hovering where I killed myself on purpose, but dropped to the floor when i approached it. I picked it up this time, and walked to the trapper, but couldn't sell the pelt. And when i tried to put it back on the horse, the same thing happened. The animal is crossed out on the map. The only thing that didn't register is that i skinned it. Edit: Seems like a lot of people are having the same issues on Reddit, no fix yet.
  5. Actually, my legendary beaver pelt glitched out on the actual horse after skinning it. It didn't register the skin. It's now been 4 days, still nothing at the trapper.
  6. Great job man! Thank you for this. Planning on doing some video content with the graphics if there's a Rockstar Editor available in the game.
  7. Hi all, I'm Alex, 29 y/o from Oslo, Norway. New to the forums and really looking forward to the game and getting to know this community. Started gaming on the Xbox 360, RDR was the catalyst that got me hooked on multiplayer games. I really loved the light roleplay aspect that was possible in GTA 5 and really looking forward to do the same in Red Dead Online.
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