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  1. Hello future friends. I’ve been playing on RDR2 Online since it launched in Beta. Due to mostly playing at nights and weekends I’m only at level 41. I’ve been playing console games for a long time but still consider myself a casual player . I play primarily on Xbox one but also have RDR 2 on my PS4. My favourite games are GTA series RDR series Uncharted Series Last of Us I’m very much looking forward to the Roles system and the Outlaw pass. I joined this site in the hopes of finding a group to ride with as I develop my bounty hunting career.
  2. Hello, I’m level 41 in RDR2 online and am in need of a posse. With roles coming on Tuesday I would like to have a good posse to ride with for bounty hunting and probably trading as well. Also it gets mighty lonely out there. My gamer tag is McPhones
  3. My surname is a good Scottish name starting with “Mc” and I fix phones for a living. I use this name for all my gaming needs.
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