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  1. Interessting to see that I am not the only one with this issue. Very lazy answer, I too think they prioratize online, sadly! Thanks for taking the time to conctact them and posting it here!
  2. I would appreciate that, friend. But yeah, a glitch that seems to be very uncommon. 😖
  3. O.Have done this many times, it is not there. Only way yo fix is to reload a save that was many hours of gameplay ago. Have talked to Rockstar support, they could not help. 😔
  4. Hi! First time posting and English is not my first language, so be kind! A weapon of mine is lost from my inventory, the Cleaver to be more specific. I picked it up from inside a house during a mission in chapter 6, thinking "Great! Now I don't have to pay for it!" I then continued the game not using it or ever looking at it. I know that it registered in my compendium through. Now that I've finished the Main story I was completing my weapons compendium and the cleaver was not registered all of a sudden. Looked everywhere in my inventory/weapon wheel, but it's gone. I then went to buy it from a fence, but I can't because it says that I am already carrying 1/1 of the cleaver. So now I have one weapon missing from my compendium, but no way to fix it!! I have tried to "empty" my weapon wheel by tossing all similar items, such as hatchets and stuff, and I have also tried to kill myself. Has someone here experienced the same thing or know what's going on? I can't find anything when I Google for it! Thanks for reading!
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