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  1. Hello Rockstar! I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for quite awhile now, and to be honest the community here is amazing. You have so many dedicated, and loyal players of RDO, as well as MANY role players who see so much potential in this amazing wild west game you all have created. I wanted to give some suggestions here in the forums for all to see. You have turned GTA into a major hit world wide... But in the beginning you almost lost all of the player base due to lack of content. I mean, it took you guys over two years to give us content that not only kept us playing, but gave us the opportunity to boast about GTA which in turn made it into the success that it is today. So here we are again... Players begging for actual content that will turn another game into a world wide success. You are losing players due to lack of content. Companies who listen to their player base prosper greatly. I know that every single suggestion can't be made possible. But there is much that can. What you have.. Wild horses, saloons, abandoned houses, ranches, and farms. Railroads, stock yards, and NPCs. We have a TON of in game money, and gold but nothing to spend it on.. Yes we have access to more clothing, and odds, and ends. But what else is there? Nothing really. Here are just a few suggestions that I feel would not only be able to be implemented into the game, but also bring more players to it. You already have wild horses, why not add wild cattle. It was a business going out into the mountains, and plains gathering up night spooked cattle, and stragglers that were lost on cattle drives to bring to livestock yards across the country for money. Some even added them to their ranches. You could add the ability to purchase land, ranches, farms, homesteads, and rent rooms in hotels. By doing so you are also adding other role options. Going out and rustling up cattle, and horses to bring back to your ranch, and then starting a cattle drive to a stock yard. You can build off of the current trader roles. We have the option of a short delivery, or long delivery for more money. Do the same with a cattle drive. Adding this Cattle Barron role would be amazing. The ability to drive cattle, or be a herd cutter. We can hijack players loads on the trader role... Why not be able to be apart of the herd cutter gang and steal some cattle? You already have these amazing towns with saloons, shops, and random houses.. Why not add more role playing options like the ability to grab a hot bath, and a shave? Be able to buy a meal and sit in the saloon to eat. Prostitutes? Yes please. Be able to sale the guns you bought while grinding out levels. We all have weapon lockers full of guns we no longer use. Let us sale them at the gun shops, or fence. We see stagecoaches all over the place. Why not give us the ability to rob the stage? Or the ability to start a stage coach business, and safely deliver passengers to other towns? How about robbing a bank? Why not be able to hold up a train and rob it? This would give you yet another opportunity to add another role. Lawman or Pinkerton's. If your player is honorable, you should be able to become a lawman to go out in search of other players who have been seen robbing the NPCs of RDO. This also adds a fun PVP option for the players. I have already mentioned above that adding properties would bring a lot of options for players. One of the properties mentioned was a farm. How do these shops get their fruits, and vegetables? Adding the ability to work the land would be pretty awesome in my opinion. Buy a ox, plow, and seeds at the general store to bring back to your farm. Plant corn, wheat, or other vegetables, and fruits. Take them to the market for sale. This is something you already have the programming for with the Trader role, and Moonshiner roles in way of deliveries. Long, or short deliveries, and the ability to hijack these deliveries would be another way to add to the game. It also opens up another avenue for role players who are dying to have a way to role play this game. All of the above mentioned would give both role players, and gamers what they want. Role players have nothing really outside of their own imaginations. Role playing is being able to immerse yourself into a game and play out the day to day of a character role. These players love immersion, and have zero issues with grinding that out. It's what we look for. Gamers have zero issues as well because it gives them more to play with. Please, we are BEGGING you all to add actual content. GTA was, and is a huge success.... We would love for you all to give us the opportunity to make another creation of Rock star's a huge success. Without us GTA would be nothing. Without us RDO would be nothing.
  2. Does rockstar have an official game forum? How do we report issues, and bugs?
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